Restricted Businesses

Restricted Business Policy

Shipping Container Sale recognizes the importance of maintaining ethical standards and legal compliance in all aspects of its operations, including the use of its platform and services. This policy outlines the categories of businesses and practices that are restricted from using the Shipping Container Sale platform and services (“Services”). Restricted Business categories may be subject to additional Network Rules, and approval from Shipping Container Sale may be required for certain businesses listed below. It is important to note that businesses offering illegal products or services are never eligible to use our Services.

Prohibited Business Activities:

1. Illegal Products and Services:
– Offering products or services that are illegal under applicable laws.
– Infringement upon intellectual property rights, including trademark, patent, copyright, and trade secrets.
– Sales, distribution, or access to counterfeit or pirated materials without appropriate authorization.

2. Counterfeit or Unauthorized Goods:
– Selling counterfeit goods or unauthorized resale of brand name products.
– Dealing in illegally imported or exported goods or services.

3. Gambling:
– Conducting lotteries, bidding fee auctions, or any form of online gambling.
– Offering games of chance or contests with monetary prizes.

4. Regulated or Illegal Products or Services:
– Sale of cannabis, marijuana, CBD products, or other illegal drugs.
– Online pharmacies selling prescription-only products without proper authorization.
– Sale of weapons, explosives, toxic materials, or other regulated goods.
– Offering adult content or services, including pornography and sexually explicit materials.
– Unfair, predatory, or deceptive practices such as pyramid schemes or investment scams.
– Platforms facilitating mug shot publication or pay-to-remove services.
– Sale or resale of services without added benefit to the buyer.
– Engagement in unauthorized aggregation of funds or payment facilitation.

5. Drug Paraphernalia:
– Selling equipment designed for making or using drugs.

6. Multi-Level Marketing:
– Participation in pyramid schemes or multi-level marketing activities.

7. Pseudo Pharmaceuticals:
– Marketing nutraceuticals or pseudo-pharmaceuticals with unverified health claims.

8. Social Media Activity:
– Sale of social media followers, likes views, or online traffic.

9. Substances Mimicking Illegal Drugs:
– Sale of legal substances providing effects similar to illegal drugs.

10. Video Game or Virtual World Credits:
– Sale of in-game currency or items unless operated by the virtual world’s owner.

Compliance and Contact:
Shipping Container Sale requires all users to comply with this Restricted Business Policy. If there are any uncertainties regarding eligibility or questions about how these requirements apply, please contact Shipping Container Sale for clarification and guidance.